Piglet – Lip Sync

Below are reference and model sheets of Piglet












Below is a pencil test of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh

Below is the link for my initial thumbnails for the timing of my Piglet animation. It was mentioned in class to have the character doing something else like drinking, eating, or an activity like reading as well as speaking to create a more natural animation. I might experiment doing this with my animation.

Below are my practise drawings and poses of Piglet.













Initial thumbnails



The feedback from these thumbnails is that the performance is too flat.
I will re-thumb the performance and time it it, exaggerating the gestures. Piglets body is too big in this thumbnail, so I will practice drawing him in proportion.

This is my second attempt at thumbnails I drew Piglet pacing as I thought it would be more interesting then him just standing still. I added a gap which enabled him to look up, I am unsure whether or not this is a good idea as it cuts up the audio. The feedback was to cut the first sentence, create stronger gestures – especially in silhouettes , have Piglet in a three quarter angle, have Piglet obviously addressing someone off scree, scale down piglet, have him briefly pace then zoom into a mid-shot and fast spins when he turns.

Below is the third attempt at thumbnails


Feedback I got from these thumbs was to not cut the animation, and change a couple of poses, for example when piglet acts out flat earth. Below is the updated animation.


Key Frames and Dope Sheet

I altered key frames and included cushion frames for Piglet’s actions to make it seem more natural.
















Animation without lip sync



Animation with lip sync




Dog Animation

Due to struggling with the original assignment I did not complete an animation of a detailed dog, only a couple of key frames.

Key And Breakdowns – First Attempt 

The feedback I got from my first attempt was that the legs were not accurate to a dog and the body of the dog did not move enough.


Keys and Breakdowns – Second Attempt

Dope Sheet





By using different layers I was able to do different timing for the head, tail body and each leg. This gave the animation a more natural look.